The Real 'Team Manitoba'

Who is The Real 'Team Manitoba' & what are we up to?

We are a humble group of Manitobans living on Treaty 1 territory and the homelands of the Metis Nation. Fed up by the government’s mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve been doing what we can to spread some joy and support local businesses.

Most importantly, we’re doing something our government leaders refuse to: invest in frontline workers and educators.

After a whirlwind few months of stickers, signs, and posters sold, members of our non-profit collective handed out gift cards to healthcare workers at hospitals around Winnipeg.

Now, we're taking a break, and have closed down the store for the time being.

Thank you everyone for your donations and support.

End of Action Report: PooPeeMB Sign and Sticker Action 2020

Money raised: $12016.17
Expenses (sticker and sign stock and mailing supplies): $2734.46
Stripe credit card fees: $366.43
Donated to #JUSTICE4BLACKLIVESWINNIPEG holiday hampers: $1808.50
Spent on giftcards for healthcare workers: $6660
Cash remaining for educators (fund to be selected): $446.77